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A Dear Hello to Everybody out there!
My Name is Lisa. I was born in Germany but have been living in Switzerland for the past 7 years. I work here as a professional graphic-designer and photographer. I am very creative and take my camera everywhere to capture photos of beautiful places and people. My interests include spending time in nature by walking, biking, trekking, bouldering & paddle boarding, but love to try new experiences in new places. I also maintain a daily yoga and meditation practice.
I am 31 years old, but I am energetic and curious like a child, and this allows me to enjoy new experiences and events as magical happenings; and this is something I wish to keep! I am very interested in seeking out new places, meeting new people and sharing amazing experiences and living a life of discovery. I particularly enjoy working in different jobs, learning new skills and adapting to new environments and challenges. I am looking to create new opportunities so I can learn more about the world and different people. I really enjoying helping people and seeing them benefit from my work; helping people to have better lives is one of the greatest gifts I can offer. I like to be free and work and live where the heart takes me, I do not enjoy strict rules and a regimented lifestyle that stifles the opportunity to grow. I believe that maximising time doing things that really matter is a far better way to live my life and this is the direction I take with my decisions.

Everything I do in my life is with a full heart,
filled with positive energy and happiness."
I enjoy being with people and in situations that create these conditions.
So if you have an interesting project for me, then please do not hesitate to contacting me! I would love to know more about your ideas and how I can help! :)
Lots of Love and happiness,


  • photography with my Sony A7III
  • web- & graphic design
  • all creative and advertising works
  • my special expertise is creating photo books
  • sports and activities, especially outdoors: biking, hiking, SUP, bouldering, Slacklining, hatha yoga & more
  • driving around with my beautyful cosy camper van and living simple life
  • love to cook healthy vegetarian food
  • love to work on project that connect me with nature
  • love to try new and different skills, I am eager and keen to learn
  • love to laugh and make other people happy :)
  • enjoy every beautiful moment of life!
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